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For the past 48 years, this family has been at the heart of St. Thomas crafting luxury jewelry.

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Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Wonderful experience Attention to detail, kindness, and value are the qualities displayed in this store.
— Marybeth C
Customer reviews
A Unique, Enjoyable, and Quality Experience Raj, Vandy, and the entire team were all exceptionally hospitable and helpful every step of the way.
— Federico

Our Promise to our customers

Value First

Embrace confidence with our exquisite collection of GIA certified diamonds. Unveiling unparalleled luxury, all certification guaranteed.

Brilliant Diamonds

40+ years of expertise minus the overheads & middlemen, granting you unparalleled sparkle without breaking the bank. Benefit from our tax & duty exempt St. Thomas operations on every exquisite piece.

Lifetime Service

When it comes to assisting you in uncovering the perfect piece of jewelry, we are committed for the long run. Our goal is to cultivate enduring and meaningful connections with each and every customer.

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5177 Dronningens Gade
St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

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